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Great Dane National 2021

Well its been quite a while. We have taken quite a break over the last year and have focused on family. We decided to start things off a little different at this years Great Dane National in Myrtle Beach. We Took our newest addition "Midas" Yes I know he's Fawn. We couldn't help it! He was just so beautiful. Midas took second in his 6-9 Month puppy class. Not bad for his 4th time in the ring.

Then next in the ring was our home bred boy Heff. He took 1st in his class at the national and what a huge honor it was to just have him considered and then to place. Kathleen Davis was our Judge for Dogs.

Lastly for the day our handsome co-owned boy Latigo enters the ring. Kathleen loved him too and his also won his class taking 1st. To have 2 of my boys considered for Winners dog at the national was just huge to say the least.

I thought that was going to be the end to our winning but Hefts Sister had other Ideas. Leone took her class under Judge Lynn Adams. Winning the Open Harlequin classs and also was considered for winners.


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