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Our Retired Dogs

This page is dedicated to my past and retired dogs. They may be retired to the couch or no longer with us but are still part of out history. 

Int. Nat. CH Four D's Raging Bull v Breken



Bull was our first show dog. He was so much fun to train and show. Bull was shown in AKC and International shows and received several AKC major reserves and several International group placings from the puppy classes.



Bull is now neutered as he did not meet our criteria for breeding and is a loving companion living with a wonderful family in Northern Illinois



Not Available for Stud Services

UKC CH Ln'M Pedal To The Metal



Diesel is my pride and joy. He has been shown in UKC and AKC events. He earned his UKC champion title in just one weekend with multiple Best of Breeds. Diesel went missing from our home October 9th, 2012. He was spotted with a man a few weeks later at a feed store near Macomb, IL.  We are still offing a $5000 reward for his return.


CHIC # 81570

All OFA Tests were done at 4 years of age: Hips GOOD, Elbow Normal, Thyroid Normal, Cardiac Normal, Eyes Normal.


Frozen Available to approved females.

CH Romance's He's A Smooth Operator



Sly came to us from Harlequin Romance Great danes. He finished is AKC championship at the age of 10 months old, and already has points to his Grand. We will continue to owner handle him to his AKC Grand Championship. Thank you Juhree for entrusting me with the wonderful loving companion.


CHIC # 91261

OFFA tests results: Hips GOOD, Elbow Normal, Thyroid Normal, Cardiac Echo Normal, and Eyes Normal.


Frozen Available through Harlequin Romance Danes

Michaeldane JB Breken's About Miss Piper



Our beautiful Harlequin girl Piper is 35 in tall and around 140lbs. Piper has two puppies in the AKC conformation show ring now, we hope they will acheive their champonships and do justice to their mother Piper.  Mother of Journey, and Divinity our co-owned females.


Piper Passed way of natural causes on December 23, 2013. She will be forever missed. 


CHIC # 81744

OFA Tests Done at 5 years of age: Hips EXCELLENT, Heart NORMAL, Eyes NORMAL, Thyroid NORMAL




Deschene's Bex Baby Remember My Name



Our beautiful girl Fame. She came to us at 1 1/2 years of age along with her brother Creed. She has a wonderful Temperment. She stands 34 inches tall and 130lbs on average. With some training and work Fame returned to the show ring Sping 2014. Receiving back to back WB owner Handled.



Fame passed away 12-06-14. She will be forever remembered and forever missed.



She is AKC Pointed.


Four D's Breken Simply Irresistable



This is our handsom boy Palmer. He came to us from Four D Danes. He is out of BISS CH Four D's Mr Diamond Jake  Four D's Mrs Pita. Palmer has wonderful laidback loving temperment. He was shown sparingly. He was neutered Jan 2015.



OFA Prelims: Heart Echo Normal, Hips Normal





Frozen Available to Approved Females


Muse Catch Me If You Can v Breken



Bode is our big girl She is 35in tall and 156lbs! Bode comes from a GMJ and BMW cross and shows traits of both lines.  She is our little trouble maker-- too smart for her own spots! She was never shown due to her ears not fully standing and is our favorite couch cushion now. We co-own her with her breeder at Muse Great Danes.  Bode loves to run and play with other dogs and go on adventures down to our pond, then come back with muddy feet looking at me like "What?"


CHIC # 81744

OFA Tests Done at 4 years of age: Hips GOOD, Heart NORMAL, Eyes NORMAL, Thyroid NORMAL


Bode Passed away 2-19-15,

She will always have a special place in my heart.

Deschene's The Fortunate Son



Creed came to us from Deschene Great danes along with his sister Fame. He stands 36 inches tall and 150lbs on average. Creed has a sweet laid back temperment anyone can love. He is such a HAM. 


CHIC # 105558

OFFA tests results: Hips GOOD, Heart Echo Normal, Eyes Normal, Thyroid Normal



Creed Passed Away Feb 2016


Int. Nat. CH Romance's Mil Spec Humvee



Huxley came to us as an adult. He was formally named Hummer, after his father, and to avoid confusion we renamed him Huxley. He is co-owned with Lavendell Great danes were he primarily resides. He is no small dane. Standing nearly 38 inches at the shoulder and 160lbs at top weight he is a big boy. He has both elegant movement and a stunning headpeice. We have been retraining him to return to the show ring Spring 2015.


CHIC # 102207

OFFA tests results at 4 years of age Hips EXCELLENT, Elbow Normal, Pattela Normal, Thyroid Normal, Cardiac Normal, and Eyes Normal.


Huxley Passed Away 4-12-16

Leibhunde's As You Like It Breken



This is our girl Pheobe. We had decided to add her to our breeding program in 2012. She is a nice well rounded dane. She stands around 34inches tall and weighs 130lbs on average. She is a very well bred BMW girl. She is full sibling to our Champion stud Mac. 




OFA Hip GOOD, Eyes Normal, Heart Echo Normal




Int. CH Breken Legend Zuko Grooms



This is our boy Legend. Bred by Breken Danes. He comes from our Boy Diesel, bred to our girl Bode born December 2011. Legend Stands 36in tall, and 140lbs. Legend entered the show ring for the first time Spring 2015. Legend is now AKC pointed wih a 3 day back to back WD in Grey Summit he will continue working towards his championship.

 He received his International Champion Title June 2015.


CHIC # 113453

OFA HIPS EXCELLENT at 3 years of age. Eyes-Normal, Thyroid-Normal, Heart Echo-Normal.




Frozen is available.

Breken's Box Of Rocks



Our spirited girl Ditzy. She is littermate to Journey and Divinity above. She was our Pick of the litter. She maybe white but we fell in love. She has a beautiful front, and head. Nice topline and stong drive and reach when she moves. She is very smart. She is 33 inches tall and 130lbs on average.

CHIC # 106012

OFA Hips GOOD, Heart Echo Normal, Thyroid Normal,, Eyes Normal.




Breken Hide Your Crazy



This is our crazy loveable girl Bananas. She was our keeper babie from our breeding with Ditzy and Eli. She is currently showing and we hope she finishes her AKc champion title soon. She stands about 33inches tall and 110 lbs. She is currently 2 years old and still has a lot of maturing to do.


Health testing will be done April 2019 after the age of two years.






Chopper is our newest family member. He came to us all the way from Washington and is a beautifully marked mantle boy. He has a voice of his own and a ton of personality. We are thrilled to have him here as part of our future breeding program. Chopper is Piebald Free, and does not carry Harlequin.

OFA Testing Hip, Heart Echo, Eyes, Thyroid all done and passing results.

Parents: Ch Liebhune's On Hallowed Ground x Breken's One Night Stand

Owners: Daysha Broadway, and Carrie

Breeder: Michael Chiles, Niomi Frye

Stud Service: Live cover, Fresh Chilled or Frozen available.

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